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I am pleased to welcome you to my blog and though I am a complete novice when it comes to blogging I am excited by the possibilities it presents and look forward to showing you my work, the work that some of my students produce and to answering any questions you may have about aspects of the work, techniques used or just discussing painting and drawing.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Clun Castle The Finished Painting

Clun Castle The Finished Painting

After some more deliberation I decided it did need the Rooks, they give the painting a bit of life and there's something about Rooks, Ravens and Crows that give castle ruins a sense of the Gothic, probably to do with Hollywood and the Hammer House of Horror, but I like it!

Friday, 17 March 2017

Clun Castle Stage V

Clun Castle Stage V

I painted the grasses and flora in the bottom right hand corner using my two haired brush, no this is not an exaggeration I took two hairs from a decorating brush and taped them tightly together to a cocktail stick, made some well wetted paint with painting medium and painted each blade of grass a method which is actually a lot quicker than it sounds. Next was to paint the wild flowers on the hillside, some yellow (Ragwort I think) some white ones and some blue ones (I'm no Botanist).
I put a little more variation of colour on the middle distant trees and the field to the left and signed it thinking I was finished, however having now lived with it for a day have virtually decided to paint in some birds which will constitute the final stage, watch this space!

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Clun Castle Stage IV

I have now roughed in the castle's hill and next have to highlight certain areas and finish the bottom right-hand corner with the addition of some dry, pale grasses and finally paint in the wild flowers that cover the hillside.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Painting Clun Castle in Oils

Clun Castle Stage I

This is a tonal sketch painted in Raw Umber acrylics to try out the composition and have a look at some of the major tonal elements of the scene, once I am happy with the composition I start to paint in  Winsor and Newton 's 'Artisan' water-mixable oils.

Stage II

I start by blocking in the main elements of the sky and the landscape beyond the hills and am now very happy with the overall effect and can see in my minds eye how the painting will look when I have finished.

Stage III

I put some more darks and lights in the distant landscape creating greater variation in the patchwork of fields. I then paint in the field in the bottom left hand corner and add more highlights in the trees.
Next I block in the silhouetted castle ruins in readiness to add more detail to the stonework a little further down the line.

 I am using a fairly limited palette using the following colours...

Titanium White; Cobalt Blue; Raw Umber; Alizarin Crimson; Cadmium Yellow Light; Yellow Ochre; Raw Sienna and Payne's Gray